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Life is But a Dream

Our journey begins with 'The Shack,' a friend's beachside residence where we came together, savoring not only delectable food and drink but also the boundless flow of creative ideas. This open invitation fostered a haven for imaginative souls from diverse backgrounds, forging a realm of pure, organic energy, unwavering support, and a profound sense of community and collaboration. 

Here in lies the inspiration for PleasureMed. Step into a realm where a cannabis dispensary, bar, restaurant & lounge intertwine to express the fullest sense of the word “community.” The cacophony of a farm-to-table meal paired with the possibility of a plant enhancing high or colorful cocktail will transport the patron into a life that is but a dream…

The History of The Pleasure Chest

The Pleasure Chest has a long, rich history, and to appreciate who we are today and where we are heading, it is important to look at where we came from. In 1971, Duane Colglazier founded the company as a waterbed store carrying a few “sexual enhancement” products. He soon recognized a need and desire among his customers for a more erotic focused, all-inclusive sex toy store. Little did he realize the diverse community that would build around The Pleasure Chest. With sexual fulfillment at the heart of the company’s mission, we grew rapidly in major cities across the country. Duane rejected the big black XXX and yellow paint that were commonly used on Adult store windows at the time. By doing so, he proudly proclaimed a sex-positive ideology. In the 1980s, with the onset of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, our community was hit hard, and The Pleasure Chest lost its founder, many of its leaders and some of its stores. The Pleasure chest was restored to its national status when successor and nephew, Brian Robinson, acquired all three of The Pleasure Chest locations in 2005. Since then, we have experienced a new beginning by analyzing our strengths, drawing from our long history, and returning to the sex-positive culture that Duane envisioned. Our commitment continues to create a judgement free space for our community to explore their sexuality in all levels of our operation. Today, we strive to carry our legacy forward with your help. At our core, The Pleasure Chest encourages you to be who you are. We hope your experience here, and our community inspires you on your journey.

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